Relamping Warning

MyProjectorLamps does NOT re-lamp projector lamps. Projector lamp re-lamping is NOT recommended by MyProjectorLamps or by any audio/ visual professionals. There are several risks involved in purchasing a re-lamped bulb, including severely decreased lamp life, LCD panel or image damage due to inconsistent burning temperatures and possible permanent damage to your projector.

What is Re-lamping?

Re-lamping is the replacement of the ARC tube that sits inside the projector lamp's quartz globe. Re-lamping companies will hollow out the ceramic base that holds the old burner in place and then place a new burner inside, setting it in place with extra strength caulking.

Why is Re-lamping Dangerous for my Projector?

Low Quality ARC Tubes

The major, globally recognized projector lamp manufacturers are the only companies that make original ARC tubes. However, re-lamping companies often source ARC tubes from knockoff manufacturers who make ARC tubes without the proper equipment in China. The equipment required to manufacture high-quality ARC tubes for projector lamps costs millions of dollars develop and millions more each year to maintain and improve. Chinese manufacturers make projector lamps often on the cheap, using methods that do not utilize the proper equipment. Low quality ARC tubes severely limit projector lamp life, often less than 200 hours. The severely diminished lamp life makes the purchase actually more expensive for the customer. By the time a second lamp is purchased the customer will have already have spent more than it costs to purchase one high-quality lamp from MyProjectorLamps.

Permanent Damage to the Projector

Positioning of the ARC tube angle has to be very exact. In the process of re-lamping, the burner's angle is almost always done incorrectly because re-lamping companies position ARC tubes manually with very simple tools. If the burner angle is off by even a 1000th of an inch, it can cause the projector lamp to burn brighter and hotter in certain spots. This is turn can cause the lamp to burn the LCD panel, causing blue, red, or green sections to appear on the projector's display image. If this happens, it means there has been permanent damage done to the LCD panel. (When purchasing a new lamp from the major manufacturers, multi-million dollar equipment and regular maintenance of that equipment ensures that the burner angle is to the exact specifications required by the projector).

Mercury Leakage

Finally, an incorrectly set burner can lead to the mercury vapor leaking from the burner itself. Projector lamps operate by igniting ultra-high pressurized mercury vapor across an ARC gap. When you purchase a re-lamped projector lamp, there is essentially a low quality burner placed inside a reused quartz globe. This practice does not adhere to the strict safety regulations that are in place by government agencies and which major manufacturers must follow. These measures ensure that when you purchase a lamp from one of the major manufacturers, they will not leak; however, with a re-lamped projector lamp, mercury leakage can occur. This is what causes lamp brightness to fade and lamp life to be shortened. It is important to keep in mind that mercury is extremely harmful to your health, and can permanently damage the equipment inside the projector.