Installing a Projector Lamp

MyProjectorLamps sells projector lamps in two formats: lamps that come in a pre-assembled plastic housing (referred to as the projector lamp with module), or as bare projector lamps without the housing.

Installing a Projector Lamp with Module

Installing a projector lamp with house is very simple.
1. Remove the panel covering the projector lamp module by undoing the screw holding it in place.
2. Unplug the old projector lamp from the projector.
3. Plug the new projector lamp into place and screw the plastic panel back onto the projector.

If you are having any difficulty with your installation, please e-mail or call.

Installing the Bare Projector Bulb

The only tool you need to install your bare projector lamp is a screwdriver. Every bare projector lamp sold through MyProjectorLamps will include an instruction sheet. The sheet includes a complete outline, with pictures, of all the steps you need to install your new lamp. The process is not complicated and can be finished in 3-5 minutes.

Remove the old projector lamp with module from the projector as outlined above and follow these three easy steps.
1. Remove the retaining clip that is holding your old bare projector lamp in place.
2. Unscrew the wires that are connected to your bare projector bulb.
3. Replace the old lamp with the new lamp and fasten the clip and two screws back into place.

Should I purchase a bare projector bulb or a projector lamp with module?

MyProjectorLamps recommends that you look at the projector lamp with module that is in your projector currently. Study how it is installed into the module. In most cases it will be really simple to replace just the bare projector bulb. Once you have determined how easy or difficult the installation will be, make your purchasing decision and give us a call at +31 (0) 20 262 9718

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